The best way to prepare Blooming Tea

Dated: 27 Jan 2009
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What is the best way to brew Blooming or Flower tea so that we will surely receive all the benefits from it? Since this is a Display tea, you will want to use a large, see-through teapot. The view is most spectacular when you have the boiled, hot water inside the glass pot and let the tea ball drop to bottom of the pot and start its magic there. An even better option is to have a tea warmer set, under which you put a tea candle. The light from the candle will add a special note to the beautiful flower, opening inside your teapot.

It surely is a way to impress your friends or to make a ddinner in two a romantic, tranquil occasion. If you wish, you can use separate see-through for each guest and treat each one of them with a single tea balll. For this we would recommend big wine or martini glasses. Use one ball for 16 to 32 oz of water, depending on the desired strength of tea. Steep for 3-5 minutes and watch the bloom unfold. Do not stir the tea and just let it happen by itself. You can gently add hot water to the tea bloom over and over and resteep it, but do not reuse it for tea the next day. You can put the flower in the vase and it will delight you for another week or so.

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